6 thoughts on “The Mounah Hamadeh – SANAD Fund

  1. I will keep a very fond memory of Mounah and I am happy to contribute to Sanad.
    All my thoughts are with you Randa and with the Hamadeh family

    1. Merci Caro pou toute ton aide. Je ne sais pas ce que j’aurai fait sans toi et merci à ta contribution à SANAD au nom de papa. Ça me touche

  2. Big hug to you Randa. My deepest appreciation goes to Sanad. All their outstanding work in Lebanon is not going unnoticed.

  3. Randa, on pense at toi tout fort et tout plein. On est avec toi de Coeur et d’esprit. You are one amazing human being and we admire you for your strength, your sensitivity, your talents, and treasure your friendship so very much. Love. Farid et Rolla

  4. It is because of organisations such as Act for Lebanon that we can support such wonderful programs in Lebanon such as SANAD. Act for Lebanon is one of the few ways we can help our country and make sure that our donated funds go to good use. It is because of the hard work of Act for Lebanon that we can make a difference

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