Scholarship Program

The ACT➔Forward scholarship program is designed to assist students who are completing a professional degree in the United States. College fees and costs can be overwhelming and often include unexpected expenses. The scholarship program targets scholars in their final year prior to graduating and provides them with a limited financial bridge up to their graduation. The program also offers mentorship if needed.

Qualifying for the ACT➔Forward program requires the scholar to:

  1. Be Lebanese, or of Lebanese descent;
  2. Pursue a degree in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), law, or liberal arts;
  3. Be in demonstrable financial need;
  4. Have and maintain an excellent academic record (at or above 3.0/4.0 GPA);
  5. Expect to graduate within 12 months of receiving the scholarship;
  6. Be actively seeking employment in his/her field of study; and
  7. Have drive and ambition to be the next leader in her/his field.

The ACT➔Forward scholarship program follows a pay-it-forward philosophy. Although not "legally" required, the recipient is expected and encouraged to help another student through the ACT->Forward scholarship program, upon graduation and securing employment.

The ACT➔Forward scholarship program is designed to be self-sustained through the continuous efforts and contributions of the generations of recipients. Your generous donation will not only help sustain this vital scholarship program, but also help expand it to assist more and more students, and have a compounding effect on generations to come.