Unity for Lebanon

In Partnership with Act for Lebanon USA and ICAA*
Disaster Relief and Hunger Appeal

The catastrophic explosion that tore through the heart of Beirut on August 4th, has led to immeasurable human pain and suffering and caused massive property damages.

Join our partners and us in our strong and urgent desire to help in the Beirut disaster relief efforts. Our goal is to unite and raise funds globally to be disbursed soonest to the following vetted organizations doing on-the-ground work that cover emergency food, health, and shelter needs.

Together with our partners, we have identified several well-respected non-profit organizations in Lebanon doing amazing work on the ground, helping the needy and addressing the calamitous challenges:

  1. Beit Al-Baraka: targets retirees and vulnerable population, runs a free supermarket, helps to pay for housing, offers medical support and runs agro-farming.
  2. Nusaned: rehabilitate residential and commercial units and distribute a variety of goods.
  3. Embrace: is focused on the mental health response needed for the crisis.

We will be assessing and expanding this list of vetted beneficiary NGOs to include Sawa Mninjah, Lebanese Food Bank, and Ajialouna along with smaller NGOs who are helping specific causes and families hurt by this disaster.

Beirut and Lebanon need us more than ever ahead of the winter rains. Please help us show the people of Lebanon that we still care. Let us give them hope and lift their spirits as they have to others. Your generosity and compassion will send a powerful message that the Lebanese are not alone in this existential fight.